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     Letzte Aktualisierung: 24. 08. 18

Musikalben im Jahr 1984

Die Reihenfolge dieser Liste basiert auf dem Erfolg des jeweiligen Albums.

1. Die Diamond-Alben

Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA. 2x-Platin-Album in D. Diamond-Album in USA. Hits: Born in the USA. >>> Dancing in the dark. >>> ,
I'm on fire >>>
Prince: Purple rain. US-Diamond-Album. Hits: When doves cry. >>> , Purple rain >>> , Let's go crazy >>> .
Van Halen: 1984. US-Diamond-Album. Platin in D. Hit: Jump. >>>

2. Die Mehrfach-Platin-Alben in den USA

Wham: Make it big. Und BIG waren die HIts darauf. 6x-US-Platin-Album. 4X-UK-Platin-Album. Gold-Album in D. Hits: Wake me up before you go-go. >>> Freedom. >>> (mit langem Intro), Careless whisper. >>>
Chicago: 17. Das erfolgreichste ihrer Bandkarriere. 6x-US-Platin. Hits: Stay the night. >>> (Action-Video), You're the inspiration. >>>
Metallica: Ride the lightning. 6x-Platin-US-Album.
Bryan Adams: Reckless. Sein erstes Gold-Album in D. 5x Platin in USA. Hits: Summer of '69. >>> Heaven. >>> One night love affair. >>>
Tina Turner: Private dancer. Ihr großes (Solo-)Comeback-Album. 5x-Platin-US-Album. 5X-Gold-Album in D. Hit: What's love got to do with it. >>>
Sade: Diamond life. Debüt-Album. 4x-Platin-US/UK-Album. Platin-Album in D. Hits: Your love is king. >>> Smooth operator. >>>
The Cars: Heartbeat City. 4x-Platin-US-Album. Hits: Drive. >>> (Diese Kombination macht Sinn). You might think. >>>
U2: The unforgettable fire. 3x-US-Platin-Album. Platz 14 in D. Hits: Pride (In the name of love). >>> The unforgettable fire. >>> (Einfach unvergesslich)
Foreigner: Agent Provocateur. Einziges Nummer-Eins-Album in D und UK. (Platin). 3x-US-Platin-Album. Hit: I want to know what love is. >>>
Don Henley: Building the perfect beast. 3x-US-Platin. Hit: Boys of summer. >>> (Oder: Building the perfect song)
REO Speedwagon: Wheels are turnin': 2x-US-Platin. Hits: Can't fight this feeling. >>> , I do' wanna know >>> , One lonely night >>>
Hall & Oates: Big Bam Boom. Ihr zweites US-Doppel-Platin-Album. Hit: Out of touch. >>>
Kool and the Gang: Emergency. 2x-US-Platin-Album. Hits: Cherish. >>> Fresh. >>>
Whitesnake: Slide it in. Doppel-Platin in USA. Hit: Guilty of love. >>>

3. Die US-Platin-Alben

Depeche Mode: Some great reward. Der Durchbruch in D (Gold-Album) und in den USA (Platin-Album). Hit: People are people. >>>
Bon Jovi: Selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Runaway. >>>
INXS: The swing. Erstes US-Platin-Album. Hit: Original sin. >>>
Elton John: Breaking hearts. US-Platin-Album. Hits: Sad songs. >>> Passengers. >>>
The Pretenders: Learning to crawl. Erste Chartplatzierung in D. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Back on the chain gang. >>>
Rush: Grace under pressure. US-Platin-Album/UK-Silver-Album. Hit: Distant early warning. >>>
Scandal: Warrior. US-Platin-Album. Hit: The warrior. >>>
Rick Springfield: Hard to hold. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Love somebody. >>>
Survivor: Vital signs. US-Platin-Album. Hits: I can't hold back. >>> The search is over. >>>
38 Special: Tour de force. US-Platin-Album. Hit: If I'd been the one. >>>

4. US-Gold-Alben

Jermaine Jackson: Selbstbetitelt/Dynamite. Gold-Album in USA. Der Bruder von Michael. Hit: When the rain begins to fall.
Toto: Isolation. Gold-Album in USA. Hit: Stranger in town.
John Waite: No brakes. US-Gold-Album. Hit: Missing you.

5. a) Erfolgreich in Europa (D, UK): Platin-Alben
Alison Moyet: Alf. Debüt-Album. 5x-Platin-UK-Album. Platin auch in D. Hits: Love resurrection. All cried out.
Frankie goes to Hollywood: Welcome to the pleasuredome. 3x-Platin-UK-Album. D-Platin-Album. US-Gold-Album. Hits: Relax. Two tribes. The power of love.
Nik Kershaw: Human racing. Debüt-Album. Mehrfach-UK-Platin-Album. In D bis auf Platz 8. Hits: Wouldn't it be good. I won't let the sun go down on me.
Nik Kershaw: The riddle. Mehrfach-UK-Platin-Album. In D bis auf Platz 12. Hits: The riddle. Wide boy.
Queen: The works. Platin in D. 2x-Platin-UK-Album. US-Gold-Album. Hits: Radio Gaga. I want to break free.
Howard Jones: Human's lib. 2x-UK-Platin. Hits: New song. What is love.
Thompson Twins: Into the gap. 2x-UK-Platin. US-Platin.
Hit: Hold me now. >>>
Bronski Beat: The age of consent. Debüt-Album. UK-Platin-Album. In D auf Platz 4. Hits: Smalltown boy. Why.
Culture Club: Waking up with the house on fire. UK/US-Platin-Album.
Hit: The war song >>>
Simple Minds: Sparkle in the rain. UK-Platin-Album. Hit: Waterfront.
Alphaville: Forever young. 2 Millionen Mal verkauft in D. Hits: Big in Japan >>>, Forever young >>>, Sounds like a melody >>>

b) Gold-Alben
Talk Talk: It's my life. Gold-Album in D. Hits: Such a shame. It's my life.
Mike Oldfield: Discovery. „Nur“ noch Gold in D trotz Platz Eins in den Charts. Hits: To France. Tricks of the light.
Alan Parsons Project: Ammonia Avenue. D-Gold-Album. Hit: Don't answer me. >>>
Alan Parsons Project: Vulture culture. D-Gold-Album. Hit: Let's talk about me. >>>
Marillion: Fugazi. UK-Gold-Album.
OMD: Junk culture. UK-Gold-Album. Hits: Talking loud and clear. Tesla girls. >>>
Meat Loaf: Bad attitude. UK-Gold-Album. Hit: Modern girl.
Ultravox: Lament. UK-Gold-Album. Hit: Dancing with tears in my eyes.
Human League: Hysteria. Ein weiteres UK-Gold-Album. Hit: The Lebanon.

c) Gute Platzierungen in den Charts

Chris Rea: Wired to the moon. Hits: I don't know what it is but I love it
Erstes Top-20-Album in D.
Joe Jackson: Body and soul. Das zweite „große“ Joe-Jackson-Album (neben Night and day). Hits: You can't get what you want. Happy ending.
The Fixx: Phantoms. Das einzige Album, das sich in den deutschen Charts platzieren konnte. “Hits”: Less cities, more moving people. Are we ourselves.

6. Geheimtipps:
Russ Ballard: Selbstbetiteltes. Hits: Voices. Two silhouettes.
Thomas Dolby: The flat earth. Hit: Hyperactive.
Dan Hartman: I can dream about you. Hit: I can dream about you.
Roger Hodgson: In the eye of the storm. Hits: Had a dream. In jeopardy.
The Waterboys: A pagan place. Hit: Red army blues.
The Alarm: Declaration. Hits: Sixty-eight guns. >>> Marching on. >>> Blaze of glory. >>>
Echo and the Bunnymen: Ocean rain. Ihr Höhepunkt. Hit: Killing moon.

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