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Musikalben im Jahr 1985

Die Reihenfolge dieser Liste basiert auf dem Erfolg des jeweiligen Albums.

1. Die Diamond-Alben
Phil Collins: No jacket required. Sowohl in D als auch in USA zum ersten Mal an der Spitze. 12x-US-Platin-Album (Diamond). Hits: Sussudio. >>> One more night. >>> Take me home. >>>
Whitney Houston: Selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album. 13X-US-Platin (Diamond-Album). Platin-Album in D. 22 Millionen verkaufte Exemplare weltweit. Hits: How will I know. >>> Greatest love of all. >>>

2. a) Die Mehrfach-Platin-Alben in den USA
Dire Straits: Brothers in arms. Das erfolgreichste Album der Band. 14x-Platin in UK. 9x-Platin in USA. Platin in D. Hits: Money for nothing. >>> Brothers in arms. >>> , Walk of life >>>
Tears for Fears: Songs from the big chair. 5x-US-Platin.
Hits: Shout. >>> Everybody wants to rule the world. >>> Head over heels. >>>
Heart: Selbstbetitelt. 5x-US-Platin. Hits: What about love. >>> Never. >>> These dreams. >>>
John Mellencamp: Scarecrow. 5x-Platin-US-Album.
Hits: R.O.C.K. In the USA. >>> Small town. >>>
ZZ Top: Afterburner. 5x-Platin-US-Album. 3X-Gold-Album in D. Hits: Sleeping bag. >>> Rough boy. >>>
Miami Soundmachine: Primitive love. Der Durchbruch. 4x-Platin in den USA. Hits: Conga. >>> Bad boy. >>>
Sade: Promise. 4x-Platin-US-Album. Platin-Album in D. Hits: The sweetest taboo. >>> Is it a crime. >>>
Sting: The dream of the blue turtle. Platin-Album in D!. 3X-US-Platin. Hits: Russians. >>> If you love somebody set them free. >>>
The Outfield: Play deep. 3x-US-Platin. Hits: Your love. >>>
All the love. >>>
The Hooters: Nervous night. Der große Durchbruch. 2x-US-Platin. Hits: All you Zombies. >>> , And we danced >>> , Where do the children go >>>
Robert Palmer: Riptide. Erfolgreichstes Album. Doppel Platin in USA.
Hits: Addicted to love. >>> , I didn't mean to turn you on. >>>
Prince: Around the world in a day. 2x-US-Platin-Album. Hits: Raspberry beret. >>> Paisley Park. >>>
Talking Heads: Little creatures. 2x-US-Platin. Erstes Gold-Album in D. Hit: Road to nowhere. >>>

2. b) Die Mehrfach-Platin-Alben in UK
Simply Red: Picture book. Debüt-Album. 5X-UK-Platin-Album. US-Platin-Album. Platz 8 in D. Hits: Money's too tight to mention. >>> , Holding back the years. >>>
A-ha: Hunting high and low. Debüt und Durchburch. 3X-UK-Platin-Album. US-Platin-Album. Hits: Take on me. >>> The sun always shines on TV. >>> Hunting high and low. >>>
Simple Minds: Once upon a time. Der Höhepunkt in UK (3x-UK-Platin-Album). Gold-Album in D. Hits: Alive and kicking. >>> Sanctify yourself. >>>
Eurythmics: Be yourself tonight. Der kommerzielle Höhepunkt. Doppel-Platin in UK. Platin-Album in USA. Hits: There must be an angel. >>> Sisters are doing it for themselves. >>>
Kate Bush: Hounds of love. Ihre erfolgreichste Platte. Doppelplatin in UK. Platin-Album in D. Hit: Running up the hill. >>>
Level 42: World machine. 2x-UK-Platin-Album. In D bis auf Platz 12. Hits: Something about you. >>> Leaving me now. >>>

3. Platin-Alben
Marillion: Misplaced childhood. UK-Platin-Album. Der große Durchbruch in D (Platin-Album). Hits: Kayleigh. >>> Lavender. >>> Heart of Lothian >>> , here with Steve Hogarth: >>>
Starship: Knee deep in the hoopla. US-Platin-Album. Hits: We built this city >>> , Sara >>>
Bryan Ferry: Boys and girls. Sein erfolgreichstes Album. UK-Platin-Album. US-Gold-Album. Hits: Slave to love. >>> Don't stop the dance. >>>
Elton John: Ice on fire. Ein weiteres Top-Ten-Album in D. Uk-Platin-Album. US-Gold-Album. Hit: Nikita. >>>
Paul Young: The secret of association. UK-Platin-Album. US-Gold-Album. Platz 6 in D. Hit: Everytime you go away. >>>
Mr. Mister: Welcome to the real world. US-Platin-Album. In D auf Platz 8. Hits: Broken wings. >>> Kyrie. >>>
Stevie Nicks: Rock a little. US-Platin-Album. Hits: Talk to me. >>> I can't wait. >>>
Night Ranger: Seven wishes. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Sentimental street. >>> Goodbye. >>>
Howard Jones: Dream into action. US-Platin-Album. Hits: Things can only get better. >>> Life in one day. >>> No one is to blame. >>>
Tom Petty: Southern accents. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Don't come around here no more. >>>
Rush: Power windows. US-Platin-Album/UK-Silver-Album. Hit: The big money. >>>
Corey Hart: Boy in the box. Einzige Chartplatzierung in D. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Never surrender. >>>

4. Gold-Alben
Rick Springfield: Tao. US-Gold-Album. Hit: Celebrate youth. >>>
Magnum: On a storyteller's night. UK-Gold-Album. Hit: On a storyteller's night. >>>
Pete Townshend: White City. Sein einziges Gold-Album in D. Hit: Face the face. >>>
Cock Robin: Selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album und der große Durchbruch. Gold-Album in D. Hits: When your heart is weak. >>>
Mike and the Mechanics: Selbstbetitelt. US-Gold-Album. Top-10-Album in D. Hits: Silent running. >>> All I need is a miracle. >>>
The Cure: The head on the door. Erstes US-Gold-Album. In D erstes Top-Twenty-Album. Hit: In between days. >>>
Fine Young Cannibals: Selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album. UK-Gold-Album. Hits: Johnny come home. >>> Suspicious minds. >>>
The Pogues: Rum sodomy and the lash. UK-Gold-Album. Hits: Dirty old town. >>> A pair of brown eyes. >>>
Supertramp: Brother where you bound. Gold-Album in D.

5. Silber-Alben und Chartplatzierungen
Gary Moore: Run for cover. UK-Silver-Album. In D auf Platz 27. Hits: Out in the fields. >>> , Empty rooms. >>>
OMD: Crush. UK-Silver-Album. Hits: So in love. >>> Secret. >>>
The Waterboys: This is the sea. UK-Silver-Album. Hit: The whole of the moon. >>>
Saga: Behaviour. Platz 2 in D. Hit: What do I know. >>>
Katrina and the Waves: Selbstbetitelt. In D, UK und USA Top-50-Album.
Hit: Walking on sunshine. >>>

6. Geheimtipps
The Adventures: Theodore and friends. „Hits“: Send my heart. >>> Feel the raindrops. >>>
Jimmy Barnes: For the working class man. In Australien 7x-Platin. Hit: Working class man. >>>
Pat Benetar: Seven the hard way. Hit: Invincible. >>>
Roger Daltrey: Under a raging moon. Hit: After the fire. >>>
Fra Lippo Lippi: Songs „Hit“: Shouldn't have to be like that. >>>
Honeymoon Suite: The big prize. Hits: Feel it again. >>> What does it take. >>>
Immaculate Fools: Hearts of fortune. Debüt-Album. „Hit“: Nothing means nothing >>>
IQ: The wake. >>>
Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen. Hit: When love breaks down. >>>
Runrig: Heartland. „Hit“: Dance called America. >>>
Tommy Shaw: What if. Hit: Remo's theme >>>
Suzanne Vega: Selbstbetitelt. Hit: Marlene on the wall. >>>
Wax: Magnetic heaven. Hits: Shadows of love >>> Right between your eyes. >>>
The Alarm: Strength. Hit: Spirit of '76. >>>
Latin Quarter: Modern times. Hit: Radio Africa. >>>
Dream Academy: Selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album.
Hit: Life in a northern town. >>>
Go West: Selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album. Hits: Call me >>> , We close our eyes. >>>
Channel 5: The colour of a moment. Hit: For a look in your eye >>>

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