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Musikalben im Jahr 1986

Die Reihenfolge dieser Liste basiert auf dem Erfolg des jeweiligen Albums.

1. Die Diamond-Alben
Bon Jovi: Slippery when wet. Sein erfolgreichstes Album. 28 Millionen Mal verkauft weltweit. 12x-US-Platin-Album (Diamond-Album). Hit: Living on a prayer. >>>
Madonna: True blue. 25 Millionen Mal verkauft. Hits: La isla bonita. >>> Papa don't preach. >>>

2. a) Mehrfach-US-Platin-Alben in USA
Genesis: Invisible touch. Kommerziel ihr größter Erfolg (vor allem in den USA). Ihr „poppiest album“. 6x-US-Platin-Album. D-Platin-Album. Hits: Invisible touch. >>> Land of confusion. >>> In too deep. >>> Anything she does >>>
Metallica: Master of puppets. 6x-Platin-US-Album.
Peter Gabriel: So. Sein größter Erfolg. 5x-US-Platin. Platin in D. Hits: Don't give up. >>> Sledgehammer. >>> In your eyes. >>>
Paul Simon: Graceland. 5x-US-Platin-Album. Platz 2 in D. Hits: You can call me Al. >>> Boy in the bubble. >>>
Van Halen: 5150. 5x-US-Platin. Gold in D. Hit: Why can't this be love. >>>
Boston: Third stage. Letztes erfolgreiches Album der Band. 4x-Platin-US-Album. Hit: Amanda. >>>
Lionel Richie: Dancing on the ceiling. Platz 5 in D. 4x-Platin-US-Album. Hit: Dancing on the ceiling. >>>
Steve Winwood: Back in the high life. 3x-US-Platin-Album. Hits: Higher love >>> , Back in the high life >>>
Huey Lewis and the News: Fore. 3x-US-Platin. Gold in D. Hits: The power of love. >>> Stuck with you. >>>
Bob Seger: Like a rock. 3x-US-Platin-Album. Hits: American storm. >>>
Like a rock. >>>
Europe: The final countdown. Der große Durchbruch. 3x-US-Platin. Hit: The final countdown. >>>
Poison: Look what the cat dragged in. Debüt-Album. 3x-US-Platin-Album. Hit: Talk dirty to me. >>>
The Bangles: Different light. 3x-US-Platin-Album. Hits: Manic Monday. >>> If she knew what she wants.>>> Walk like an Egyptian. >>>
Cyndi Lauper: True Colors. 2x-US-Platin. Hit: True Colors >>> , Change of heart >>>
Bruce Hornsby & the Range: The way it is. Debüt-Album und Durchbruch. 2x-US-Platin. Hit: The way it is. >>> , Mandolin Rain >>>
Billy Joel: The bridge. 2x-US-Platin. Hit: A matter of trust. >>>
Journey: Raised on radio. Letztes Mehrfach-US-Platin-Album. Hits: Be good to yourself. >>> Girl can't help it. >>>

b) Mehrfach-Platin-Alben in Europa (UK, D)
Chris de Burgh: Into the light. Seine erfolgreichste Platte. 2X-UK-Platin-Album. Platin in D. Hits: Lady in red. >>> Say goodbye to it all. >>>
Tina Turner: Break every rule. 2x-Platin-D-Album. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Typical male. >>> , Break every rule >>>
Queen: A kind of magic. 3x-Gold-Album in D. 2x-Platin-UK-Album. Hits: A kind of magic. >>> One vision. >>> Who wants to live forever. >>>

3. Platin-Alben
Pet Shop Boys: Please. Debüt-Album. US/UK-Platin-Album. Hits: Westend girls. >>> Love comes quickly. >>> Opportunities. >>> Suburbia. >>>
Chris Rea: On the beach. Erstes UK-Platin-Album. Hits: On the beach. >>> It's all gone. >>>
Peter Cetera: Solitude/Solitaire. Sein erfolgreichstes Album. US-Platin-Album. Hits: Glory of love. >>> The next time I fall. >>>
Joe Cocker: Cocker. Sein erstes US-Platin-Album. Hits: You can leave your hat on. >>> Don't you love me anymore. >>>
Crowded House: Selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album. Gleich der Durchbruch. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Don't dream it's over. >>>
Duran Duran: Notorious. Das letzte (kommerziell) große Album. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Notorious. >>>
Paul Young: Between two fires. UK-Platin-Album. Hit: Some people. >>>
Eddie Money: Can't hold back. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Take me home tonight. >>>
Moody Blues: The other side of life. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Your wildest dreams. >>>
Prince: Parade. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Kiss. >>>
Rolling Stones: Dirty work. Platin-US-Album. Platz 2 in D. Hit: Harlem shuffle. >>>
The Communards: Selbstbetitelt. Debüt-Album. UK-Platin-Album. In D auf Platz 15. Hit: Don't leave me this way. >>>
Depeche Mode: Black celebration. In D sogar Platin. Hits: Stripped. >>>
A question of time. >>>
Billy Idol: Whiplash Smile. US-Platin-Album. Hit: Sweet sixteen. >>>

4. Gold-Alben
Jackson Browne: Lives in the balance. Sein letztes große Album. US-Gold-Album. Hits: For America. >>> Lives in the balance. >>> In the shape of a heart. >>>
Toto: Fahrenheit. Gold-Album in USA. Hit: I'll be over you. >>>
Rod Stewart: Every beat of my heart. Gold-Album in D.
Hits: Love touch. >>> Every beat of my heart. >>>
Ultravox: U-Vox. UK-Gold-Album. Hit: Same old story. >>>
Cutting Crew: Broadcast. Debüt-Album. Einziges kommerziell erfolgreiches Album (US-Gold-Album). Hits: I just died in your arms. >>> I've been in love before. >>>
The Mission: God's own medicine. UK-Gold-Album. Hit: Wasteland. >>>
The Pogues: If I should fall from grace with god. UK-Gold-Album. Hits: Fairytale of New York. >>> Fiesta. >>>
Frankie goes to Hollywood: Liverpool. Gold-Album in D.
Hit: Rage hard. >>>
Talk Talk: The colour of spring. UK-Gold-Album. Hits: Life's what you make it. >>> Living in another world. >>>
Glass Tiger: Thin red line. Debüt-Album und gleichzeitig ihr erfolgreichstes Album. US-Gold. Hits: Don't forget me. >>> Someday. >>> Thin red line. >>>
Corey Hart: Fields of fire. Letzter großer Erfolg in USA (Gold). Hit: I am by your side. >>>
Human League: Crash. Der letzte große Erfolg. In D das erfolgreichste Album (Platz 14). UK-Gold-Album. Hits: Human. >>>
Love is all that matters. >>>
The Pretenders: Get close. Beste Chartplatzierung in D (33). US-Gold-Album. Hits: Don't get me wrong. >>> Hymn to her. >>>
Status Quo: In the army now. Wie fast immer UK-Gold-Album. Aber neu: Status Quo haben einen POP-Hit: In the army now. >>>
Talking Heads: True Stories. US-Gold-Album. Platz 13 in D. Hit: Wild wild life. >>>
Wang Chung: Mosaic. US-Gold-Album. Hits: Let's go. >>> Everybody have fun tonight. >>>

5. Silber-Alben und Chartplatzierungen
ELO: Balance of power. Gerade noch Silber in UK. Danach kam lange nichts mehr. Hits: Calling America. >>> So serious. >>>
Getting to the point >>>
OMD: The pacific age. UK-Silver-Album. Hits: (Forever) live and die. >>> We love you. >>>
John Farnham: Whispering Jack. Eins der erfolgreichsten Alben in Australien aller Zeiten. Hit: You're the voice. >>>
Bonnie Tyler: Secret dreams and forbidden fire. Platz 24 in D und UK. Mit einigen tollen Jim-Steinman-Songs. Hits: Holding out for a hero. >>> , Loving you's a dirty job >>>
Don Johnson: Heartbeat. Auch als Schauspieler (Miami Vice) bekannt. Top-Ten-Album in D. Hit: Heartbeat. >>>
Magnum: Vigilante. Erste Chartplatzierung in D. Hit: Lonely night. >>> Midnight. >>>, When the world comes down >>>
The Blow Monkeys: Animal magic. Debüt-Album. Silber in UK. Hit: Digging your scene. >>>
Psychedelic Furs: Midnight to midnight. UK silver. Includes their most famous song "Pretty in pink" and three more good singles including "Angels don't cry" >>>

6. Geheimtipps:
Big Country: The seer. Ihr einziges Top-Twenty-Album in D. Hits: Look away. >>> One great thing. >>>
Big Dish: Swimmer. Debüt-Album. „Hit“: Prospect street. >>>
Phil Carmen: Wise monkeys. Hit: Moonshine still. >>>
David & David: Boomtown. „Hit“: Welcome to the boomtown. >>>
The Fixx: Walkaout. „Hit“: Secret separation. >>>
Bob Geldof: Deep in the heart of nowhere. Sein erstes Solo-Album.
Hit: This is the world calling. >>>
GTR: Selbstbetiteltes Debüt-Album. In USA bis auf Platz 11, in D auf 39.
Hits: When the heart rules the mind >>> , The hunter >>>
Daryl Hall: Three hearts in the happy ending machine.
Hit: Dreamtime. >>>
The Housemartins: London 0 Hull 4. Hits: Sheep. >>> Happy hour. >>>
Dragon/Hunter: Dreams of ordinary men. Western girls >>> Dreams of ordinary men. >>>
Chris Isaak: Selbstbetitelt. „Hits“: You owe me some kind of love. >>>
Blue hotel. >>>
It bites: The big lad in the windmill. Debüt-Album. Hit: Calling all the heroes. >>>
Kansas: Power. Hit: All I wanted. >>>
David Knopfler: Cut the wire. Hit: When we kiss. >>>
Annabel Lamb: When angels travel. Hit: When angels travel. >>>
Little River Band: No reins. Hits: Face in the crowd. >>> When the war is over. >>>
Lone Justice: Shelter. Hits: I found love. >>> Shelter. >>> Dreams come true. >>>
The lover speaks: Selbstbetitelt. Hit: No more I love you's. >>>
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Criminal tango. Hit: Do anything you wanna do. >>>
Joe Jackson: Big world. Hit: Hometown. >>>
Survivor: When seconds count. Hit: Is this love >>>
Michael Chambosse & Friends: Time machine >>>

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